Welcome to my little corner of the Web!

My name is Gaëlle and I live in Wales. (That’s the name of this site taken care of!)

I was actually born in France, but my love of languages brought me to Wales when I was a student. Then I met a Welsh boy in the pub across the road… and here I am!

I’ve been surrounded by yarn since childhood. My mother used to be an avid knitter when I was little. I soon took up knitting too and made my first wearable jumper when I was in secondary school. My maternal grandmother knew how to crochet, but sadly, this skill didn’t get passed on to my mother. So I had to wait until 2010 to discover the joys of crochet, and since then, this craft has taken over my life!

Today, I make a living out of my two passions, as I am both a translator and a crochet tutor.

I am also a cheese lover, a feminist, a wildlife enthusiast and a wannabe eco-warrior. You’ve been warned!