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Free crochet resources

Screenshot of my Crochet Stitches Cheat Sheet with promo text "Available for download exclusively to my students and subscribers"

Crochet Stitches Cheat Sheet

This cheat sheet is SO GOOD that it’s only available to my students and subscribers. So all you need to do to get your hands on it is either sign up for a crochet class with me, or subscribe to my regular crochet news emails, which contain news from the crochet world at large as well as info about any crochet classes I’m running.

Sandrine shawl

Free Sandrine shawl pattern on Facebook

During lockdown #1, I ran a free Sandrine shawl CAL (crochet along) in my Facebook group. The detailed pattern, with charts and step by step videos, is still available, so feel free to join!
We also have regular showcase threads to inspire each other.

Learn to crochet

Whether you’re a complete beginner or already have some crochet experience, whatever next step you want to take on your crochet journey, I can help!

Crochet hook and ball of yarn

1:1 online crochet lesson

Do you want to learn to crochet, but don’t know where to start?

Maybe you bought a kit, thinking it would be super easy (it does say “beginners” on the box…), but it turns out that you don’t understand the pattern?

Maybe you embarked on an ambitious crochet project, thinking you’d pick things up as you go along, but now you’re stuck on a technique that you haven’t encountered before?

Let me give you the tailored help you need!

Book a 1:1 lesson to solve the specific issue that has you stuck.

Just pay the £15 deposit (which covers the first half hour of tuition) and I’ll be in touch shortly by email.

Click here to access further details and the booking form. 

Crochet kit made of a set of hooks, a ball of yarn, bendy needles and stitch markers, with a zipped fabric pouch

Perfect crochet beginners bundle

You’d like to give crochet a go, but have no idea what you should buy to get started? You don’t want to waste money on tools that may turn out to be unsuitable? You’re also not keen on the idea of trawling through hours of YouTube videos to find something that you actually understand?

Well, don’t fret, this bundle contains just what you need:

🧶 Complete crochet tool kit with perfect yarn to get started
🧶 Initial 1:1 lesson on Zoom to teach you the basics
🧶 Lifetime access to a library of video tutorials aimed at beginners
🧶 Follow-up 1:1 lesson on Zoom to help you get further on your crochet journey

💥 All this for only £97!

Click here to access further details and the booking form. 

Beige crochet heart

Gift vouchers

Know someone who’d love to learn to crochet?
Looking for a last-minute gift?
Get them a gift voucher for a 1:1 online crochet lesson!

Click here to access further details and the booking form. 

Who am I?

My face

First things first: in case you’re wondering about my weirdly spelled name (it’s French!), you can pronounce it like ‘Gail😉

I’ve been teaching crochet since 2014.

It all started quite by chance, when my local library ran a craft group and I was asked to teach others to crochet.

I quickly realised that knowing how to do something and knowing how to teach it were two very different skills!

Why? Because you need to totally deconstruct what you know in order to not just show how to do things, but also put it into words, as well as being able to spot and troubleshoot mistakes.

Now I’m known for demonstrating crochet techniques in a super easy way. I also make sure to give feedback to my students every step of the way, so that they know where they may be going wrong and how they can make things easier for themselves, giving them the confidence they need to tackle projects on their own!

Some of the lovely things my students have to say about working with me

Testimonials graphic that reads "Gaëlle is such a good tutor, everything is clearly explained (brilliant handouts) and if you do make a mistake she shows you where it went wrong and shows you so clearly how to correct it."
Testimonial graphic that says "Gaëlle is very knowledgeable, extremely affable and she flexes her approach to meet varying standards and speeds of learning."
Testimonial graphic that says "Excellent course. Excellent and VERY patient teacher! Very useful handouts given in each session. Money well spent :-)"
Testimonial graphic that says "As ever, clear instructions and handouts were provided by Gaëlle together with her unending patience!"
Testimonial graphic that says "Gaëlle is a patient and encouraging tutor and she provided clear and relevant handouts to support the lessons. I would not hesitate to recommend the course."
Testimonial graphic that says "Really enjoyed the course! Gaëlle made it fun and made it seem very easy. I would recommend anyone to attend one of her courses."

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Testing the Sophie Twirl Raglan pattern

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