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2020 was an interesting year in many ways, to say the least…

Some crochet trends were pretty standard, i.e. centered on a fashion item. Others were more unexpected, and closely related to a time of pandemic. Here are the 4 crochet trends that stood out the most in my eyes in 2020.


The pocket shawl

Do a search on Pinterest or anywhere else online, and hundreds of results come up. The pocket shawl was THE fashion item to make in 2020, for oneself or as a gift. There’s nice roundup post on the YarnBallin blog to give you an idea of the variety of crochet patterns available.

I thought I’d be making one too, but I’ve yet to get started…


The shell basket

This one was shorter-lived, but it involved… a celebrity! Well, Stacey Solomon. To be honest, I’ve seen her invited to panels shows and the like, but I have no idea what she is originally famous for! She bought a crocheted shell basket from @craftymummyof3 and shared it all over Instagram, making it go viral for a short while.

The maker made no secret of the online tutorial she used, so if making such a basket floats your boat, head over here.


The frontline hero bears

Rainbows of all kinds became popular, to hang in windows so that kids would count them on their daily walk.

But the real stars of the pandemic in the crochet world were the frontline hero bears. With green scrubs and a white mask, the original bear is incredibly cute. Many were made in 2020, with different coloured outfits and accessories. For many crocheters, it seemed a great way to make something to offer as a gift to say thank you to frontline workers around them. We owe this fantastic free pattern to Aixan Legasto, AKA Yarn it, Darn it.


The Among Us characters

When these started turning up in online crochet groups, I had ZERO clue what they were. I thought they were just fun featureless little amigurumi figures that someone had come up with.

And then, my boyfriend showed me the new game he was playing on his phone, called Among Us. And here were these colourful little characters, trying to unmask “The Imposter”!

I asked him if he wanted me to make some (I can do amigurumi as long as there are no facial features to embroider), but he said no… If you want to make some yourself, check out this video tutorial.


Meanwhile, in the knitting world…

The online knitting community went all a-flutter when Harry Styles sported a patchwork-style, oversized knitted cardigan and Chris Evans an aran jumper.


Did you spot these trends in 2020? Have you made any of these things yourself? What do you think will be next in 2021?